Best & Team company was founded in April 2009 in Sarajevo. The idea was to test whether a small center could be opened in Sarajevo that would support large centers in Austria and accept the overflow calls. After 6 months it was shown that a small overflow call center with 30 employees can be made much more. We had trained 60 employees after 6 months and 200 employees after 20 months. That's when we realized that you could set up a respectable center in Sarajevo that stands for professionalism, further education and progress and not just as a temporary center.

Since March 2020...

Since March 2020 we are the proud owner of ISO 27001 and since December ISO 9001 and GDPR

Certification started

Have we recognized that it is important if you work outside the EU that you have an ISO certificate, since the GDPR will be an important part of the call center business from May 2018, so we have started preparing for the certification.

2 million inbound calls

We received another large inbound project which increased our inbound share to 75%, our partners recognized what we are capable of and rewarded us with many inbound calls, so we completed over 2 million inbound calls in 2018.

Large inbound project

We got a new large inbound project, so our inbound share has risen to 60%, which was only 30% a year ago.

Access control to security

We used 2016 to move and make all the technical and spatial adjustments, from access control to security

Exclusive office space

If we got a big inbound project in the mail order business, that showed us that the reorganization in the previous year turned out to be an important step. In 2015 we wanted to rent a better, more exclusive office space in order to give our employees better working conditions.

Quality Management Department

We used 2014 to reorganize the company, so we had brought a clear structure to the company, we set our own path and priorities, the department for quality management came first, service at a high level that one is used to in Germany.

Technology firewall, server...

Due to the change of direction from inbound to outbound, we had to make a lot of technical changes, we invested a lot in the technology firewall, server and PCs that year

120 employees...

HBut we devoted a lot of time to outbound projects such as lead generation, telecommunications and energy and thus reduced the dependency on inbound. 120 employees made outbound calls in contrast to 2011 where there were 30 employees.

New projects

Moving to a new building, we used this year to gain a foothold in the outbound area, new projects were added such as lead generation, telecommunications and energy.

Record year 212 employees

This year we broke the record with 212 employees on various inbound projects.
We have in a small office of 160 m2

In April 2009

In April 2009 an idea became a respectable company. We started in a small office of 160 m2, and by the end of the year 70 people were employed and an area of 400 m2 was rented.