Inbound telephony

Answering calls is one of our largest service areas. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer our customers this service in different languages. Our service in the field of inbound telephone marketing includes:

  • Customer care
  • Order acceptance
  • Fault message acceptance
  • Complaint management
  • Information & product service
  • Up- & cross-selling
  • Complaint processing
  • Placement service
  • Billing procedure


Outbound telephony

Active dialogue marketing is a first-class method to significantly expand
your customer base and to revitalize existing contacts. For this reason, outbound telephone marketing is also part of our core business; to give voice to your message and your sales goal.

Our highly trained and motivated sales team takes over the telephone contact with customers or interested parties on your behalf, so that you can concentrate on your core tasks. Targeted market cultivation through outbound telephony:

  • Welcome Calls
  • Opt-in validation
  • Telesales
  • Retention
  • Market research
  • Field service scheduling
  • New customer acquisition
  • Up- and cross-selling
  • Churn Prevention
  • Needs analysis
  • Quality Call
Your quality marketer in the

Energy industry

In the displacement market of the energy industry, we have secured a strong position as a quality marketer in recent years, as we deliver high quality to our energy
companies and have been able to win back lost customers and will continue to do so.

With our full-service system infrastructure, we map the
entire process chain:

  • Address management
  • Opt’in validation and checking
  • Sale
  • Tamper control of the dialer settings
  • Process transparency and logging
  • Quality surveillance
  • Assumption of liability

Font editing

The central administration and consolidation of the different communication channels is becoming more and more important. Because even in the non-voice sector,
companies today are expected to react in real time. We bundle all processes that are not processed over the phone, i.e. all types of written material – correspondence,
faxes, up to the filing of important documents.

The advantage of a complete cross-media solution is that no separate interfaces are required, which could lead to
breaks in control or reporting. And the customer is always answered on the communication channel that he himself has chosen. It must be clear that service
cannot just be standardized. Service has to be lived.

Areas in font editing

Letter processing: We take care of your letter processing, including addressing, franking and delivery. This also includes invoicing or sending reminders if requested.

Mail processing: E-mail – an ideal advertising medium. However, if it ends up with the wrong addressee or in the spam folder, it can damage your company image and also result in costs in the form of damages and lawyers’ fees. We design and optimize your mail traffic, legally secure, inexpensive, competent. If you wish, we can follow up with a phone call.

Letter filing / archiving: Our archiving service stores your important documents for your company. Documents you have created yourself or incoming digitally are saved directly, incoming post, faxes, contracts and insurance are recorded digitally and are available to you quickly and securely. This saves you time, office supplies, space and money and you can access your papers from anywhere access. There is no possibility of manipulation or theft of documents.